Some happy witches!

I don't believe I've ever had anything custom made, but the other positive reviews were very encouraging, especially since I wasn't finding anything that really called to me. And considering this was going to complete my altar, that was very important to me!

I wanted a cat on it somehow, and she had never done one before,and it's perfect! I wasn't sure if I was explaining myself well, but she interpreted it and I'm so so pleased. Has great energy!

Archie Nails - https://goo.gl/6mxVjt

Well made pendant. A real master piece. which has such a complicated design and careful construction detailing. 
Her communication was excellent and she also made herbal fixes specific for my issues.

tokeyuko - https://goo.gl/6mxVjt

iPhone Wicca case
Excellent quality and prompt delivery - happy customer and would order from here again !
Thank you xxx

Pippa - http://trusted.site/r/NhWbl1ofZA

Love my phone case!
Great experience using this site; got my phone case last week and love the personalized back cover I was able to create with it as well. Thank you!

Rebecca - http://trusted.site/r/u5V3ILEy3v

I was so excited to receive this phone case! The print and quality were sooo much better than expected!!

Maja - http://trusted.site/r/R2kuPD11CO

Custom Boneblade Athame
I got a beautiful custom made athame and the artist will work with you to got what you want. She is a great artist! Highly recommend her gorgeous work.

clara powers - https://goo.gl/6mxVjt

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Litha Is Upon Us

Litha Is Upon Us

We're gearing up for summer here at Witchy Stuff!

Many new designs will be rolling out this season and we're bringing in some new artists too. Stay tuned for new gods, goddesses, spirit animals, jewelry and more, and follow us on facebook and instagram for sneak peaks of upcoming art, information about sales we'll be running, and other witchy news...

Figure of owl, and a goddess made of clay, wire athame and wire goddess locket

Behold! The artists are among us

This is why I've invited some remarkable people to list and show off the items they make. Most of them are jewelry and ritual tools, as we understand how important is the energy in a piece of jewelry or altar tool that is about to be used in magical work.

If you'd like something made for you, that isn't listed, please contact us. We most likely have an artist that will be able to make the item.

Witchy Stuff for You!

Witchy Stuff for You!

We're proud to announce the launch of our online store for pagans, witches, wiccans, spirituaists, druids... anyone who might feel appealed by the old gods and spirits..