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I was once asked, "What drives you to make these?" If I had to choose one word, it would be connections. Connections through space and time, soul connections, energetic connections. It’s a means to reconnect in a time of ultimate disconnection from the earth, from each other, and from our individual truths.

Deveon PerrinMy hope is you find a piece that honors your soul truth and commemorates the importance of your journey here on earth. In the modern world, we have too few rites of passage, such little recognition of our personal power, and an often unobserved need to connect and be truly seen. We don’t even treat our dead and dying in a way that truly honors their importance on this earthly plane. My work isn't just wearable art, it is art to display our worthiness for recognition (from the self and others!). Perhaps it was born from a childhood spent feeling mostly alone, sad, and unrecognized that drove me to start making talismans meant specifically to let others know just how truly wonderful and beautiful and recognized they are. It is my way to honor the divinity in everyone, whether they're just passing by to look, or if they choose to have one of my pieces to wear. I see you and you are unbelievably beautiful.


Each detail is sculpted entirely by hand. I find this very important to infusing the piece with it's purpose. This is also important to me as an artist. It is a way to demonstrate that a piece was made by me and to infuse it with love. There is a certain integrity and honesty to doing everything by hand. I employ various meditative and journeying techniques to create many of my pieces. What goes where and which stones all present themselves in this state and I let it flow from there.

I firmly believe each piece I make ends up with the person for whom it is intended. There is magic and medicine in the process and the intent (mine and yours!) as much as in the stones and symbols used.

Sculpting process


I suppose it all began when I was very young. I remember sculpting little goddesses in the dirt and sand and decorating them with stones and sticks and foliage. I remember seeing the great creations of civilizations past and feeling this visceral pull to connect, by any means, to what I felt I knew but didn't know how. The awe I felt then has only intensified with time and maturity. And I am incredibly blessed that I get to explore it everyday I continue to reside earthside.


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